So, this week we went and looked at a house.  A big beautiful newly, completely renovated house.  It’s old and has so much curb appeal and we are finding ourselves tired from the tremendous work renovating our eighty-year old, four-thousand square foot home.  So, we thought, maybe it’s time to throw in the towel and just buy a finished one.  I am realizing why every contractor and husband I’ve ever met hates home remodeling shows.  They make it look so fast, cheap and easy.  In reality it is none of those things.  The very opposite actually. (Who’d have thought?!)

This beautiful home that looked like it should be in the pages of a magazine was in fact a mess.  In our hurry for our home to be finished we looked for an easy out, but instead we were validated in our efforts.  It helped us to see that the quick fix is not always the right answer.  It helped us to communicate our mission and get motivated again to keep pressing forward.

Let’s go  back to the beginning of 2016.  We had been looking to find a bigger home that would better meet the needs of our family and had realized that the home we needed was not affordable in the area where we lived.  We then went online and started looking for large houses that we could renovate which had always been my dream, because I love old homes.  We also, on a whim applied to HGTV’s, Fixer Upper and were quickly replied to by the casting director, (despite not yet having bought a house, which is a requirement,) about wanting to possibly be cast on the show.  That quickly narrowed our search to the Waco, Texas area.  We flew down immediately to meet with a realtor at Magnolia Realty and look at a few properties we had chosen.  We did find a big, beautiful, old home that weekend and we did buy it and move our family of eight half way across the country from Douglas, Wyoming, all in a month’s time.

After talking a few more times with the casting director we decided not to move forward with the show and to do the renovations on our own.  After all, growing closer as a family was one of the goals we hoped to accomplish in the process of moving and renovating anyways, so what better way than to work along side each other?  But like I said, we had gotten tired, always looking at the big picture of how much work there is to be done.  We had lost sight of all we had already accomplished and what our dreams for our home were.  Seeing this other house showed us the danger of being impatient, and so this week have a renewed vision and energy to keep pressing on.  We see the things about our home that we love once again and what it can be.  We once again are united and working to do something every day.  Even if its something small, if it’s done well, how far along will we be in a year.  I know I for one can’t wait to see.  I mean just look how far we’ve already come!12928405_10209080967372035_7010839851510163697_n13240554_10209426610852906_6674303268988395620_n13432271_10209604896589938_9037156633161853375_n15350701_10211287697618912_4287145887719349917_n18118523_10212759802060603_7542833046709984584_n18057707_10212759802020602_5849716786088510987_n12512381_10209047882344930_5403853863433280430_n12994359_10209178728896012_1081055284499732550_n12963551_10209178729936038_459572668092567778_n15697252_10211552519479293_5205315606277379409_n15977557_10211703239487199_6155410097669775525_n18486091_10212960093947775_5756060209632314962_n18403691_10212960093667768_4663059218098710815_n21106324_10214082235560614_3617375630752245607_n21192573_10214120578679168_6256654244503246877_n

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