Home Stretch

Here I am. Finally in the home stretch of October.  Apparently I am the only person that  goes into October with some trepidation.  Everyone else is all, “cool weather, pumpkin spice everything.”  Confession, I don’t like pumpkin spice all that much and I also don’t like cool weather.  You see for me October holds homecoming week, red ribbon week, 2 kid’s birthdays and Halloween.

Homecoming. Homecoming means helping 6 kids dress up for 5 days in different crazy outfits.  Some things we don’t own so that means making or buying things we will never use except during homecoming week.  If we do have something that works it means finding said clothing items, arguing over who gets to wear what and making sure all of it is clean and ready to wear every single day.  For 3 different themes, for 3 different schools.  Then there is ordering or making mums.  Figuring out how to pick up all the kids early to go to the homecoming parade with a couple of babies in tow, trying to keep track of everyone in a giant crowd at the pep rally and the finale, the big game.

Next up, Red Ribbon Week.  I am thankful for our schools teaching my kids the dangers of drugs and alcohol and how to avoid them.  I am not sure however what dressing up every day in different crazy outfits, again, the week after homecoming, has to do with keeping kids off of drugs.  I know it makes me want to drink alcohol, because for 5 more days I dress up  6 kids, for 3 different schools, in 3 different themes.  And Lord knows none of the dress up days can be a repeat of any of the days of homecoming dress up the week before. I didn’t even take any pictures of these days because Robert was away at work for all of it and by the time I have 6 kids ready to walk out the door at 7:15 that’s not what I was thinking about and lets face it, I just wasnt feeling it, so their “outfits” were pretty lame.

Finally we are on to Halloween week.  Yes week.  Long gone are the days of my childhood with cheap plastic costumes and trick or treating on the night of Halloween, maybe a party at school.  Oh no.  Now we have a fall festival fundraiser at school, downtown trick or treating, haunted houses, with a D.J., games, bounce houses and food trucks. Followed by class parties, more fall festivals and finally Halloween itself.

Like I said though, we are in the home stretch.  Today is the last child’s birthday for this year.  Tonight I will make her homemade sesame chicken and rice per her request and we will finish with cupcakes.  Tomorrow we will go to the last fall festival and play games, eat good food, visit with our friends and get LOTS of candy.  Its been a crazy and stressful year yet again but today I can sit here and reflect on the last few weeks and know that my kids won’t remember it that way.  They’ll remember all the fun they had dressing up with their friends.  Going to football games.  Cheering at the parades and pep rallies.  All the candy they counted, traded, organized and ate.  And hopefully the mom that was right there in the middle of it all with them.  Going through the haunted houses.  Freezing at the games.  Up late making sure their outfits were ready.  Snuggling them in the bleachers. When it’s all said and done those are the things I’ll remember.   The fun we had not all the work and stress and planning it took get there.  That’s what its all about, why we as moms stress ourselves out and stretch ourselves thin.  It’s because we love our kids and want them to have great childhood memories and deep relationships with us, and even though getting to the fun parts is so exhausting the time spent having fun with and enjoying my children is worth it all.  But, I am glad I am at the finish line of October for this year!IMG_E0713IMG_E0650IMG_E0711IMG_E0709IMG_E0715IMG_0706IMG_0705IMG_0654IMG_0687.





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